Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Quilt books

I rearranged my quilt books. Looks like I need more green books. It is interesting finding a book now; I used to have all the applique together and all of one author together. There are not so many I can't find what I want though. I took 3 boxes of books to Half Price Books and got cash for them...I manage to check Half Price Books once a month, right after one of my guild meetings.
First I check out the quilting books (found one for a friend to buy), the knitting books, the Vegan cook books (found 2 new ones Monday night), now the children's video's and books and always the clearance items. I took a friend with me yesterday and she got a couple of magazines to read...never looked at them before but I will now.
What do you look for at the book store? I love getting books cheap.

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