Friday, October 19, 2012


Two weeks ago I asked Jeffrey if he was going to homecoming...He's a senior and it never dawned on him to go. So he asked someone we had never heard of the the dance and then we got to go get the stuff for a 'mum'. I won't even tell you how much this set us back...
His date is in choir too so the treble clef was found in the Christmas aisle and was wired to the center.
I found the big pom pom's and sewed them spaced along a scrap of blue yarn. He chose to have a feather boa and rows of sequins. Rick rack and strings of stars. Basically if it was blue, white, or silver we included it.

Jeffrey drilled holes in the helmets and I showed Chris (his friend) how to use my jewelry pliers and gimp beads so the small helmets could be spaced along a fish line.
This was great fun to make but I'm not sure how she will be able to wear it without hurting her back! I believe the girls wear them all day Friday, to school, the game and then the dance. The dance starts AFTER the football game (about 10pm) and is over at 11:30 since there is a curfew in this town. :)

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