Friday, June 15, 2012

tiny socks and bag

Years ago I tried to knit a sock and gave up. Last week while in Denver with no energy to move I tried again.
I found the pattern here; but I think the pattern had some issues, but it could have been me. I managed to finish and LOVE the sock. These were knit on a #3 knitting needle, next I'll try them on #2.

I found a Knit shop very close to my parents house; Tiger crafts. I shopped there 3 times in a week and decided I had to try their hemp yarn. I had looked at this shopping bag pattern on line and decided to go ahead and crochet it, although I prefer to knit. Well, it was an experience I do not want to repeat. The yarn split, it felt waxy and I had to count to 8 constantly, the pattern was easy to memorize but counting to 8 repeatedly was not fun or relaxing but I wanted the BAG. so I persevered and finished it in 6 days  I started it on the plane on the way home last Saturday and finished it this morning. I used every bit of the dark green yarn and had to use some of the light green that I was planning on knitting a rag with.(There is plenty left for the rag).
I'll keep this in my purse and see if I actually use it. It washed up nice and soft.

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Mel said...

darn.. I want one of those bags. I'll have to get used to carrying my own bags to the grocery store, it looks like LA is passing (or already has) a law against disposable grocery bags...but it won't be in effect for a few years (I think). there is knit version I noticed, but the crocheted one looks so nice!