Thursday, October 4, 2012

Saturday 'quilting'

Saturday about 100 women got together to finish tying some quilts, look at quilts, work on diapers for Kenya. As the afternoon wore on we were joined by about 100 more women, then we were served dinner by the men and then we met in the chapel for inspiring words from our church leaders. Here are the quilts we worked on this year (again) and a few of the ones other congregations worked on.
 The quilts that were tied that day were 'pillowcased' so that they had no binding and were finished except for the tying before arriving. We put a thin interfacing over the quilt and tie through the holes that have been put in the interfacing in a regular grid. This keeps the knots spaced evenly.
 This is the mile-a-minute I designed using the smaller of my scraps. Then others created it. I blogged about it here and here.
I quilted suns across one of the rows, then a row of clouds and birds, then mountains, rivers and finally the ground covered with flowers.

 These one you've seen many times; we worked on it 2 years.
These blocks were donated and then my assistant sewed them together.

This was an easy quilt; made with 12 inch blocks by different
members of our congregations then put together at one our meetings.
 This top was paper pieced by my assistant over several years of vacations. The one below was a top donated to us, it's a cool looking quilt with lots of small pieces. I particularly like the way the light triangles frame the center.

 The colors of this were great; a very pretty quilt.
For some reason I can't get between the remaining pictures to comment.  I particularly liked the big stitches that were quilted in on the red quilt.
I counted 42 quilts being donated Saturday. Now to get busy with next years!

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pcflamingo said...

I really like the "sun" pattern of quilting - nice and big and it shows up beautifully.