Saturday, September 29, 2012

Charity quilt

Today is the day we give our charity quilts to our congregation for them to be donated...I finished the last one Thursday and my friend, Lisa, bound it for us.
 I love this quilt. As I quilted it I went down memory lane since most of the fabric scraps were mine.
 There is a scrap from most every quilt I've made and every outfit I made for my kids....

I've started sewing rectangles to make myself one...but I'm out of turquoise scraps but still have plenty of the other colors...

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straythreads said...

You did a beautiful job quilting. I would keep the quilt with that many memories in it and give them something less sentimental. My mother was a weaver and wove a rug out of all my clothes that she had sewn she sold the rug I was a teenager at the time and didn't care but she always wished she had kept the quilt for me and now I wish I had the rug.