Thursday, July 12, 2012

my kitchen

My kitchen is almost 100% finished but my daughters wanted pictures so here they are;
unstaged but fairly clean;

 The refrigerator is where the stove used to be. The corner cabinet holds a lot of dishes.
 The stove is close to where the fridge used to be but is actually in what used to be the dining room.
I LOVE my kitchen. The island is in the garage; actually has been worked on this week! The cork is on....give us another week and it might be finished!

I'll do another post when it is 100% done.


Liz Johnston said...

It looks great. But not like my old house. Which I guess is what you were going for. It's wonderful.

Mel said...

I love it mom! You finally have room for all your food and cooking stuff! Did you still have a pantry in the same place?