Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Passport holder

My son, 16, is going to Germany this summer for a month. The director of the program said that each teen WILL wear his passport around his neck and under his shirt no matter how geeky it feels to them. I priced them and they start at $12. I made one for .99.
This is the second project I've made using a .99 linen jumper I got at a thrift store.The zippers were given to me....I think, that's my excuse for having so many zippers anyway. (I also rescue zippers occasionally from thrifted items)
The beige zipper is for his passport. The bound buttonhole pocket is for his credit card. The gray zipper is for money. It's the way he wanted it, with as few layers as I could do. For instance the front of the bound buttonhole pocket is the back of the gray zipper pocket.

It was cool to design and make something quickly AND it used 2 zippers!

**He reported that after wearing this for 4 days the texture of the strap bothered him...otherwise it worked great.

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Anonymous said...

I need to make one of these for my daughters upcoming trip. She needs the exact same thing. Did you follow a pattern?? Or are you just clever??


Joan DeSantis