Monday, May 7, 2012

Hawaiian quilt continues...

 This is what we are working towards, this one is alternating warm and cool colors but with a lot of the warm colors being pink. This quilt has even been to Hawaii. Do you see all that lime green? That is scraps of the backing of the owner's twin. Did that make sense?
Here are all of mine cut.
Now we get to sew them together. Fun and Easy. Sew a warm color to a cool color.
Hint with photos:
You cut the fabric and you are absolutely positive you cut each strip at 4.5 inches. Then why does this happen:
See that? One fabric is clearly wider than the other. When this happens STOP. Take the time to figure out which one is right. Take your ruler out and measure.
This time the blue is the one that is right. So reposition the fabric so that when sewn both will be 4.25"
I'm sewing with the edge of my 1/4" foot on the edge of the blue and the extra pink will no longer make that strip not fit with the others.
How long does it take to get these strips sewn? I took 2 sessions to sew them.

Honestly it is easier to press them now. I have waited in the past and pressed them all at once. A pain. Press now before going to the next step.

It will take me a couple of days to get the pressing done. Not loving this step particularly since some of my fabrics are polyester and I have to be careful.

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Liz said...

Brilliant tip i tend to always do things the hard way.. :)