Friday, May 11, 2012

Hawaiian continued...

This is the first one of these I did. Here we alternated blue with anything else. Then I quilted crosshatches on my domestic machine. (That was before I had a long arm.)

After sewing them in pairs. Sew them into groups of 8 and 10. There must be an even number of strips in each set-up. You should have 3 sets of 8 strips and 3 sets of 10 strips.
Notice the little flip flops in the yellow fabric. I have three strips of that and decided to put 2 in one strata. Do not think that putting them on either end will keep them separated; it won't. Here I put 5 strips between them so that when I sew them into a tube they will not be right next to each other.
You must continue pressing them to one side; like this:

I pressed everything towards the cool color. So no seams are pressed towards the warm color strips.
The next step is different. See you tomorrow...if I have any time to sew.

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