Saturday, May 5, 2012

parchment paper

I've been using a lot of parchment paper lately. But what do you do when you run out?
I'm so lazy I don't want to wash the cookie sheet after using it. Sometimes I can reuse a sheet but this morning I thought I'd try the paper that comes around McDonald's sandwiches.
It worked okay...the cookies came off the paper fine but there is a little grease on the cookie sheet; coincidentally right were each cookie was. But still pretty darn easy to clean. Now who can I get to eat my walnut oatmeal chocolate cookies? Unfortunately they are neither vegan or wheat free; I guess I'll have to eat them myself.
Then I tried Panera breads sandwich wrapper. It smoked in the oven (but don't worry the cookies were fine) and still left a bit of oil on the cookie sheet.
What about plain paper?
plain paper bag; white and brown, and printer paper.
They all left these oil circles. I needed a spatula to get them off the paper. There was still a circle of oil on the cookie sheet....but still pretty easy to clean.
So if you run out of parchment use something else...but get some more parchment.

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