Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New bag

I have been making my own purses for a few years now. First I found a linen skirt I LOVED that I used. I blogged about it here. (I hunted for the picture and could not find it anywhere.) Then got tired of it and made this one out of linen jumper:
Before it wore out I made this one, using scraps of Liz's quilt:
You'd think I had something for green (but I don't). I wore out 2 handles on this bag and finally the corners were completely worn through. I used it from December 2009-November 2011; almost 2 years. The last 6 months it was really worn and I kept thinking I'd make a new bag, even designed it in my head. I finally went back to the beige bag.
Last week I bought, BOUGHT, a new bag:It'll work but it has no water bottle spot, even though it's big enough to hold one inside; I don't like the condensation to end up n my papers so I'll have to figure something out or make a new bag. I still have green squares left over from Liz's quilt...

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Liz said...

I still like the top bag best. But I love the blue one too.