Friday, December 4, 2009

Finished bag

I finished my winter bag; it's not very dark and it is VERY BIG. I used leftovers from the quilt I made Liz for her 20th birthday. I've made 1 quilt, 1 scripture bag, this bag and still strips left.
I made 9-patches for the inside pockets. and a 4-patch outer pocket for the cell phone and keys. Designing it piecemeal is a pain. I added the pocket on the end for a water bottle after it was mostly made so had to do most of it by hand.
After using it for a day I realized it needed a clasp so added this magnetic snap. Some of my favorite fabric in the strips ended up on the UNDER side of the snaps; I'd thought the snap would be upside down and the brightest fabric that I'd chosen to not show, do show.
It'll hold a bunch of stuff! The kitchen sink comes to mind.


Liz said...

you should but some rinestones on it.

Baby Boomer Grammy said...

I love this bag!!