Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hexagon quilt

The very first quilt I ever started was a paper pieced hexagon quilt. I started it in 1974....I think; it could have been 1975. I was in college and for fun would read needlework books and magazines. One had an article about English paper piecing and I couldn't wrap my brain around it (there were no pictures) so decided to make a pillow. I had some red and white gingham and bought 1/8th yard of the solid red. I wrote my Mother about how wonderful it was and she sent me an envelope with more red fabric and said I should make a quilt. I made all the blocks and started putting it together before Melissa was born in 1978. I lost interest in it and lost the hand piecing time I'd had before children. When Angela made her Grandma's flower garden SHE suggested that she finish putting mine together in exchange for my quilting and binding hers. She has finished her part and posted the above picture on her private blog. I stole it to show you. I think it turned out very nice and am anxious to finish it now. (I bought some white today; it will be appliqued to a straight piece of white.)
I'm taking baby steps towards finishing it. I want to figure out the quilting before I decide on the exact width of the border.

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