Thursday, February 23, 2012

sewing tier

Last fall I spent a bit of time in a couple antique stores looking for something that would hold the sewing things that I like to keep next to my sewing machine better. I had a ceramic cake pan that held them all jumbled up. I gave up shopping after not trying very hard...
Then I saw homemade candy dishes on the internet and Pinterest and decided to try again and the last 2 weeks I have been gathering Thrift store items for my sewing tier thingy....well what would you call it? A 3-tier candy dish? I spent $4.08 on these lovely items:After spray painting them and tossing the lid to the glass jar I glued them together. I added some old spools of thread from my Grandmother and an old thrift store purchase to the glass jar. I added a lazy susan from my stash of 'too good to throw away but not good enough to use' stuff and got this:
Then I loaded it up and it looks like this:
(The pill bottles on the bottom tier hold bobbins, the one on the middle tier holds old needles and pins and will get tossed when it is full. Under the pincushion are some thimbles and hand sewing needles.) I hope this will make it easier to find my feet and needles. I'm sure I'll rearrange and add things as I sew too...maybe a tape measure and a small pair of scissors.

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Marilyn said...

Can I bejeweled it ?