Monday, January 23, 2012


I'm from Colorado and had never even seen a whole okra until I'd lived in the south for many years. Thanks to a friend, Diane, we LOVE okra now. It is the easiest vegetable to fix for dinner; here's how I do it: Rinse them, drain the water-it's okay if water clings to them. Put them in a glass dish;
Then cover, I use plastic wrap.

Zap in the microwave; I did 4 minutes for a mounded bowl of okra. You want them to be bright green still. Take the cover off and serve;
They are wonderful dipped in butter; but we just sprinkle with salt and pick them up by the handy dandy handle God gave them and bite the other end off. Yummy. EASY. Low fat AND low calorie. WIN. WIN.

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