Wednesday, September 14, 2011

quilt post

Don't fall over! I really do think of quilting and not just housing projects. On vacation I took some photos of quilts I'd made to share with you. Here's the story about one of them:
When my oldest was born my parents gave me a cradle and I found that my old doll quilt worked very well to cover her after wrapping her tight in a receiving blanket. This was made for me by my Grandmother and it got a lot of use on my dolls. I didn't want to wear it out on my babies but it got used occasionally and always made me smile and think of Grandmother.I soon made a rod pocket for it and hung it on the wall instead of using it. When I was expecting our 5th I set about making a new bedding set for the cradle. Part of that bedding was a cheater cloth 'doll' quilt. (I also had a broken foot that had to be elevated a great deal of the time so I got a bunch of stuff sewn.) Although #5 was a boy and so was #6 they still got this blanket laid over them in the cradle.It now resides with the cradle at my son's house.

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pcflamingo said...

LOVE Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam! And little baby boys don't care what they're covered up with, do they?