Friday, September 16, 2011

cool/warm strip quilt

Here are 3 different layouts for the quilt...(it needs a name; cool/warm strips is not a great name.)

Frankly, I wish I'd done the squares. The plan was to lay out the real blocks a couple of ways and photograph them and share them with you. It didn't happen. I am in too much pain to do it more than once; I felt that I was really pushing it to get it laid out once. (I have found that I have better luck doing anything that involves walking or standing in the morning; this I laid out in the evening.)Remember, I have no design wall now, so this is on my bed and I'm standing on a stool. I took it with me to choose border fabric and 2 strangers told me how much they loved this quilt.... I'll make my kids hold it up next week when the borders are on AND it is quilted. Promise.
According to EQ7 I need 1 3/8 yards to do the border. Doing the math with a calculator says I'll need 31.5 inches for a 4.5 border. So I'll buy a yard.

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