Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another step in the right direction

Sheet rock was supposed to go up fast; right? I sewed all day yesterday (except when at the dr.) and heard them pounding, sawing, pounding and then went down and was disappointed that all the sheet rock was not up. Slow, slow progress.
The washer and freezer got out last night and the rest of the plastic part of the linoleum was pulled. Now all that pesky paper has to come up.

On a positive note I went to an orthopedic dr. yesterday and he confirmed that the pain in my left hip is not psychosomatic. The x-rays showed bone rubbing bone and I am scheduled for a 'full hip replacement' on November 30th. I tried to figure out a way we could do it sooner but there is too much for Roger to do at the house and band, for Jeffrey, takes a chunk of driving, not to mention cross-country for Andrew. The Dr. taught me how to use a crutch that really helps cut down on the pain.

I have a good excuse now to not clean or walk but I can still take the kids to their activities and I manage to cook a bit. And sew. And choose parts for the I need to choose a new toilet. FUN; not.

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