Friday, September 2, 2011

Quilt along

I am hosting (hostessing) a quilt along. Who wants to play? I am using my scraps; well we are using my scraps. This is how it works; I make or direct the making of this quilt:
I post the steps here. If you want to sew along with us, great! If not I'm doing this anyway so I might as well post the directions.

I have been asked to help the women in our congregation make 3 quilts for charity. The deadline is September 24th, I think. Last spring we got a great start on some blocks. Unfortunately my house flooded and although the sewing room, where I knew the blocks were, was not touched, the blocks disappeared. Yep, all of these were together in a box, labeled, and the box must be packed in a warehouse in Houston somewhere. So we have a head start for next year, this year we are starting over with this quilt. (I had a baby quilt finished that I donated, someone else donated a couple of polar fleece blankets and 1 set of finished log cabin blocks were at a friend's house and she's working on setting those together.)

I asked at church for volunteer's and, for the ladies with no quilting scraps, I delivered boxes of scraps to their homes with a bit of instruction. These are their instructions:

Use long scraps about 15 inches long. Sew them together using at least 1/4 inch seams, bigger is fine, smaller is not. Do not use wider than 3" strips, nor smaller than 1". Put *cool colors or *warm colors in a block, don't mix them (that was easy since they only got warm or cool colored scraps). Sew until your block is at least 13 tall. Press all the seams one direction. Return them to me.
Here's one ready to trim:
I found it easier, once I had one finished and trimmed to keep it next to the machine so I could lay the new one against it to see if I needed to sew more strips.

I have received some and I have starched them and pressed them and trimmed them to 13"X13". (I have a big square up ruler so it was easier for me than for them.)
That's it for step one. Easy. Oh, yes make 14 cool squares and 14 warm squares.

The next step will be posted by next Friday.

*cool colors; blue, green, purple
*warm colors; red, yellow, pink, orange

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Sue Bridges said...

Looking forward to seeing the end results, your quilts always look amazing.