Monday, April 18, 2011

Design Wall

Here's a glimpse one of the projects we worked on last week:
Making the rectangles that will eventually be made into 'half rectangle triangles' that will become diamonds. Notice the 'half rectangle triangle' on the upper left; that is my goal. I think it looks pretty good as is. But I will keep sewing until I have my assignment finished; 2 light turquoise rectangles, 2 dark turquoise and 1 more light blue, THEN I'll get to cut them. (Remember the EQ7 drawing I posted of this quilt here?)
Honestly though I think the women were sneaking blue fabric into my bin. I took a rubbermaid full of blue scraps and made 5 dark blue and 4 light blue rectangles and then when it was time to pack up I could not get the scraps back into the bin!
Next charity quilt I design will have to be all blue.
The turquoise bin is very depleted, I've had to supplement that bin with fabric from my wall. At the end of this project I will make a few log cabin blocks and eliminate that bin!

Judy has some great blocks on her design wall this wonderful Monday morning; go over there and check it out.


Diane said...

they look great, I do think strings left in bins breed.

Melinda said...

I looked up golden rectangle - what size did you end up making? I think this will be a great quilt.

Quilter Kathy said...

It's going to be gorgeous! Isn't it funny that the more you work with scraps, the more there seem to be?!?!

Cherie in St Louis said...

Was Wanda from the Exuberant Color blog ( your inspiration? I love this quilt pattern and your colors are wonderful.

AnnieO said...

Scrap bins are hard to tame! Your triangles-to-be look wonderful. Lots of scrappy goodness.

carol fun said...

Oh this is going to be very cool - can't wait to see the diamonds appear. As for scraps, my theory is they reproduce left in those containers in the dark - LOL! Happy stitching-

carol fun

Gari said...

I have decided that fabric scraps are like rabbits and multiply when your are not looking.