Saturday, September 17, 2011

Found it!

This is the summer 2011 issue of Beautiful Kitchens. I bought it in July; looked through it and showed Roger what I wanted my island to be like. Then lost the magazine. Andrew found it today. So now I can share with you what I think would work great in my new kitchen.

Not the stove/ovens, the island. Mine won't be exactly like this but this is the inspiration. Stainless Steel is a bit over our budget but I think we could put cork on the under shelf and a butcherblock top. It will also be on wheels. So cool and Roger is convinced now too; initially he thought it a crazy idea. I do not plan on keeping dishes on it. A few cookbooks....we'll see what else.

Wouldn't this be cool made so it could hold a sewing machine? Picture your sewing machine table bare and reaching under for the seam ripper, scissors etc...

Soon I'll have to find a metal fabricator to weld the support for the butcherblock; but not yet.

The 'mudder' is at our house putting paper on the seams of the sheet rock. He should finish Monday!

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Sue Bridges said...

A cooks dream hope you get the kitchen you want.