Sunday, June 12, 2011

Design Wall

I've had a couple of sleepless nights which really sap my energy level. I found a bag of 'waste' half-square triangles last week and sat and talked to my sister this afternoon instead of napping-which would have given me ANOTHER sleepless night-and finger pressed them open. So last night I had to figure out a way to use 377 of those squares of triangles.
Here's an EQ version of them;
Pink is great but I have more blue than any other color... but this would use only a very small portion of my accumulated blues.
Only 252 of them used in one of these baby size quilt. The blocks are only 2.5"

I'm not crazy about this layout; the pink bleeds into the background too much. When I switch the blue does the same thing...I'll have to keep playing with this.

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jeanne said...

I think that is adorable both ways but what about a totally different color, yellow maybe? Good luck.

AnnieO said...

Nice mockups--but anyway you look at, 2.5" squares add up width and lengthwise pretty slowly, lol! I like both versions. Good luck with finding the solution to this quilt puzzle :)