Monday, June 6, 2011

Design Wall

My design ironing board:My first set of positive/negative blocks, sitting on the pillowcase that Jeffrey is making. (He fell in love with that fabric months ago and hasn't take the 15 minutes it will take to sew it together...) I have 3 more blocks to make, using my own stash. That orange in the single block? An old dress shirt that I bought at the thrift store months ago. It was Roger's size and he even wore it once but decided he didn't like it, (that was my plan) so I cut it up.
The first week of summer did not leave me a lot of time to sew.
Jeffrey had band camp 7-4:30
Andrew ran 2 miles daily, 7:30-9:00?
Is it me? or did all the paper in the house just have triplets? And stacked themselves all over every flat surface?
I went to the Chiropractor every day.
Quilted a customer's quilt.
Exercised two days...
We were going to go to the water park Saturday but we decided we'd rather just chill in our pool and we lazed in it for about 2 hours Saturday morning. Lovely just talking and floating around. I didn't want to get my ears wet since the chlorine levels were off. Don't know if that is particularly important but since it was that hour after the chlorine is GONE and before the pool turned green I thought I'd better be safe than sorry.
Can't imagine that taking all the week but it did. I did cook, shop and laundry too.

If you go to Judy's you can tell that other people were a little more industrious than I.

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Cathy said...

I love the way the positive and negative blocks blend one to another.