Thursday, April 21, 2011

dehydrator experiment

Sunday I experimented with the dehydrator. Since I had opened a can of refried beans I filled a tray with it. I also filled a tray with a batch of homemade hummus and some cooked mushrooms. They dried overnight, and all were very successful, all will be repeated. The mushrooms turned very chewy; reminiscent of beef jerky. The hummus dried very ...soft? friable, you know like soft, easily dug in dirt....then reconstituted easily and tasted great. The refried beans dried into very hard clumps so we ground them in our hand grinder. Although they resembled cinnamon sugar they reconstituted into... refried beans! What a surprise. We were happy to get these results as these will be used on various Scout backpack trips and possibly a family car trip. YES! another Vegan meal easily fixed.

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