Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stupid things boys do

My husband is now Scoutmaster over the 14-16 year old boys in our troop. They had a backpacking trip Friday night and Saturday. For some reason while waiting for their rides home two had to try the hot sauce in the fridge. Like drink the hot sauce. This hot sauce:Evidently this is very hot. Although initially acting cool, it wasn't very long before he admitted that it was burning. My son was eventually compassionate and gave them each a spoonful of butter. That was nasty but it was 'awesome' since it took the burn out.
We've heard and tried to follow the 'take the burn out advice' of drinking milk; but it never worked. I finally read that milk works because of the fat in the milk...but if you are drinking skim there is no fat.... butter works.


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Oh boys will be boys!
That is my hubby's favorite hot sauce. Wal-Mart use to carry it but after their remodel . . .it's not longer on their shelves.
Have a great week!

pcflamingo said...

Oh, that brings back memories! My husband was one of the volunteer Scout dads that took the guys on their 50 mile canoe trip, and on hikes to so many places. He said it is a myth that teenage girls are sillier than boys. The boys win, hands down.