Monday, February 21, 2011

design ---floor

I've lost my design wall. It is usually a double wide piece of flannel that I clamp up to put quilts on...It was taken down before Christmas and I haven't seen it for almost 3 months. :(
so I'm making due with the floor. Due to winter storms and class being canceled I had a week to put on border #3 and border #4. (I misunderstood the directions, I was supposed to have #3 on for the second class.) Since half of my family was gone Friday night and Saturday I got a lot of sewing done. Here is the 4th border; a checkerboard. 3 sets are sewn. Now I'm trying to decided on the coping strip...the fabric between the 2 borders. I have narrowed it down to 3 stripes.
  1. A yellow-on the right.
  2. A darker green and pink on the left and the
  3. medium tone green on the top.
I need advice. My husband is color blind and so no advice there. Which do you think looks the best?

This is what I'm fixing for Roger and I for dinner....the boys don't care for salads so I'm not sure what they are having yet. So I've got to make a run to the grocery store before my exercise class.
Then I get to go listen to Julie Silber talk about and show 'Maverick Quilts.' You can go here and see a few.

If you have a minute or 2 (or 200) go look at some of the other design walls over at Judy's blog.

edit: I finally chose the yellow; since 1. I liked it. (I thought the paler green would be the best choice but the yellow did interesting things and that was fine too.) 2. It was my husband's favorite. On to the sewing; due to massive amounts of foot changing; seam size changing I've taken 1 1/2 hours to pick apart 2 of the borders, now I will sew them back together and try to get them to the right size. One was smaller than the side border by 1.5 inches.


Mary said...

Your quilt is beautiful. I'm not sure if my monitor is doing a good job with colors. The top fabric choice looks the darkest and I like the contrast.

sophie said...

None of your fabric options would be bad choices. Seriously.

Since you asked, personally, I'd go with the medium green at the top.

Momma Made This said...

Wow, I jumped in here to share my opinion, and it seems we are 100% going for the mid green on the top.

I love the scrappy checkerboard border!!!! I think the mid-green does a good job of providing some contrast to it without overwhelming it as the left green does, or underwhelming the sawtooth border as the yellow does. Using the darker green as a binding, or even as a thin outer border would provide a place for the eye to stop and return to the quilt, as well as give a little repetition of the darker colors in the center.

But that's just my opinion. (wink!)

My husband is color blind, too. I tend to squint at my quilts to see how I'm doing on contrast. Or take a picture and then look at it in black and white.

Anyway, I love this quilt! I am so in love with simple shapes and my designs are reflecting this of late.

~ Ronda

cherie said...

I am the oddball. I like the geen/pink stripe on the Left side. I think the quilt looks fun. I can't believe how much you get done!!

Patty Cake said...

I like the one on top. The right one disappears and the one on the left dominates. The top one brings out both the borders it is between. But my colors don't show looks brown.

Cathy said...

I'm going to go different from everyone else, and go for the yellow. I like the way it blends in and makes the quilt flow from one border to the next.

Liz said...

i like the yellow one and the top one.

Anonymous said...

Definetly the green at the top!
Love the quilt and the other borders!

AnnieO said...

I like the medium green at the top too! This is one happy little quilt. Beautiful work you're doing!

Marti said...

I'm probably too late with this, but I like the yellow. Your quilt is gorgeous!