Wednesday, February 16, 2011

stars for Melissa

I've been gathering bits and pieces of things to send to my kids since Christmas. Today they are getting mailed. To fill Melissa's box I've had to dig for some fabric for her. She is working on a star quilt and I thought a few fabrics from my stash would be good. Then when she looks at the quilt she'll think of me. (So although my actions LOOK generous it is really self serving.)
You can see that my Mother used plaids, stripes, batiks, larger prints, even 'holiday' fabric. So just about anything will work.
I've struggled and managed to do a collage in Photoshop of close-ups of the inspiration quilt (for a full view go here.) Now I'll try to do one of the fabric I'm sending her....She'll recognize some of these fabrics. (Are you impressed? I even got numbers on the fabrics....don't ask me how though. Don't know why it didn't want me to do 2 digits and I COULD NOT CHANGE THE FABRICS either.)
  1. one of my FAV fabrics....I made her overalls with it that were about 4 sizes too big
  2. a thrift store shirt
  3. the back of her wedding quilt-which will need to be fussy cut
  4. a fat quarter gift to me
  5. another fat quarter gift to me
  6. purchased when I was making a purple doll quilt for Becky, one of Mel's friends
  7. the back of an as yet unfinished quilt
  8. purple and black Roberta Horton plaid purchased at a garage sale last year
  9. peacock feathers; a Liberty of London fabric purchased in London in 1991? Mom used this in Jeffrey's quilt
  10. purchased so there would be a cello in Austin's baby quilt Mom plays the cello)
  11. purchased so there would be Chinese in Austin's baby quilt (Dad is studying Chinese.)
  12. And finally a scrap from my first maternity dress worn while pregnant with Melissa.
There are a few more fabrics too but I DO have to do something else today....

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Mel said...

Thank you mom! I enjoy looking at Grandma's blocks, the plaid really does look good.. gonna add some plaid to mine! I am excited about the package!