Thursday, January 20, 2011

Teacher's pet

A year ago a friend, Beth, started this batik leaf quilt, her first quilt. We met at the local quilt shop and I helped her choose her fabrics. She worked on it for awhile but life got busy and it was set aside until now. This is how she has decided to lay it out:
Then I got a call from her from Joanne's wondering if a red plaid would work for quilt #2. It took me a few minutes to realize she was off and running and was now working on #2 BEFORE #1 was finished. Yesterday I went over and helped her pin it, ready for her to quilt it. She needs about 200 more safety pins and a walking foot before she can get this finished; but I'm still betting it will be finished before the leaves are.
As we worked on charity quilts at church the last couple of years Beth found out how relaxing quilting can be. She made a great many of the blocks for the quilts. Now she's working on her own. I love it when my teaching bears fruit like that.

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JayTee said...

love both quilts they look terrific