Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Working Wednesday

Just so there is something on my blog for today. I took a couple of pictures of what I'm trying to work on today.... in no particular order. A new quiet book page, front and back for 2 of my grandsons; A continuation of the the 'color books' I posted about here. (I got stopped because I needed 1" more velcro, luckily a friend was going to JoAnns' and got me some.) Trimming quilt blocks (only 20 to go) and loading and quilting a customer's quilt. Add in an hour workout, helping a friend learn how to quilt and figuring out a meal for tonight....Lentil something probably soup, the lentils are cooked I'll just need to add some vegetables and broth. I will be busy. Luckily I'll have an extra 2 hours to work this evening, then I can get a package off to my girls with their odds and ends that I've decided to send them since Christmas.

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