Friday, January 21, 2011

Another page

When my children were small my Mother made a quiet book for them. It was a big book with different activities on each page. When Austin was born Melissa and I had the idea to do a color book for him; with each page a different color. That was finally finished but it was apparent to me that the book bored Austin so here is a page for Austin (and Carter.) The first page in their books is multi-colored with markers and paper. The back side is a snowman with detachable snowballs and a tie-able cashmere scarf. The finished book is blogged here and here.
I sure hope this is loved since it took a bit toooo long to make. I have enough polar fleece to make about dozens of snowmen, polar fleece is not narrow. (And since I didn't quite know what I was going to do with it I HAD to buy 1/2 yard!) The snowflakes is a sheer fabric that I made a tablecloth out of too.

Now, although these books are now finished, again, I have to keep a bin for the books I'll need to make any subsequent grandchildren.


Liz said...

"Oh it's a snowman." -Carter
"Grandma might mail that to you if your a good boy"

"Mail it now." - Carter

I guess he thinks he is a good boy. Today I told him we need to be nice to each other and be friends.

Mel said...

"Snowman!" - Austin

This page is a winner. Want to make another one with a car on a road.. he loves to draw cars on roads... he'll love the notepad and marker page to!