Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stash report week 4 of 2011

I mentioned 2 weeks ago my plan to make a navy skirt, but first I had to waste hours hunting for a ready made skirt. I went to 7 different stores in 2 different shopping trips and found 1, 1! navy skirt and it was a slinky knit that I didn't think would work with my sweater (or my body.) So I checked out the local fabric store and their navy had too much blue in it. So I drug my son to High Fashion Fabrics yesterday thinking I would find the perfect fabric. I DID! It was on sale 50% off! Wow! The end of the bolt said it was dark navy 100% wool imported from Italy. Perfect. Regular price $77.00. Even at half price it was too steep for me. So I looked at a polyester and bought some that will work but just not quite my VISION.
Jeffrey found a couple of black and white fabrics he loved and decided that he needed a pillowcase made out of one of them. I picked out a music fabric for the border of it. He is sewing it but until I get him to sew (maybe this afternoon) it is in my stash.I finished 2 pages for my 2 of my grandson's quiet books, blogged here. I'm counting it as 1 yard which seems high to me even but there are many layers there...8 in places, 4 in the thinnest areas.

net out for 2011: 7.25
used this year: 7 yards
used this week: 1 yard
purchased year to date: 5 yards
purchased this week: 3.5 yards
donated this year: 5.25 yards
donated this week:0 yards

Judy has kept up the good work; go here to see.


Rabid Quilter said...

Personally, I would not have been able to pass up the 100% wool from Italy!

SpinningStar said...

You're still doing good for the year. Glad to hear that your son wants to sew. Not enough young people are learning about sewing these days. Liz

Kathy said...

The wool would have been yummy, I'm sure. Keep up the good work teaching the next generation of quilters.

Sherry said...

Great job staying in the black.

Isn't it terrible when you can't find what you are looking for?

Mel said...

Beautiful fabric, proud of J. for sewing!