Monday, June 8, 2009

stash report

week 23
My stash report is first this week.
in: 1/3rd yard blackboard fabric and
1/3rd yard vinyl
Out: I'm guessing here at 1/8 yard per page so the book took 8- 1/8 yards; so 1 yard
Year to date:
In: 18 2/3 yards
Out: 85

So I could almost finish the color book I started for my daughter 11 months ago. She got to take it home with her although I'd still like to make a 'blue' page. My problem is that I have to have things I can draw and find vaguely interesting. Blue sky....too boring, blue ocean....too boring, Blue whale... too difficult to draw... so I'm still thinking and hoping to come up with a perfect blue page. I could give up like I did on the brown page... and do another pocket. We thought about brown pants but the zipper would be too short; actually the pocket is a 'close-up' of a pr. of pants. The black page was a bit of a cop-out too; so the blue can't be. (AND IT USED A ZIPPER!)

My daughter and baby came for a week; Austin is a sweetie but very attached to his mother. That's okay we all are at that age.

My 2 grandsons have been here almost 2 weeks. The 5-year old is swimming across the pool and the 3 year old is in a life jacket and has managed to let go of the side and kick himself around as long as granddad is close by.

Andrew (12) climbed on top of our toy cupboard (a wardrobe thingy tall) to get the Lego bucket down. When Roger helped him down they stood behind the couch while Roger 'beat' Andrew; He whispered to Andrew to yell and then Roger clapped his hands, pretending to him, while telling him what a bad boy he'd been. Tyler(5) needs to be discouraged from climbing.

Having these kids is a bit of a challenge but they are very sweet most of the time and have adapted to our rules quite easily. Very few 'time outs'. When they bug each other I eliminate the toy that caused the problem and so have had very few. The Legos were put up while Austin was here so today is a 'serious lego play day'.

They just got a package from their mom; they will be so excited. (I'm hiding it until Tyson wakes up from his nap.)


Angela said...

You could do different textured balloons for blue. That is an awesome book, great job!

EPVCorier said...

I love that book! Such a cute idea.

Cody and Sarah said...

I love the color book. I was thinking that for blue you could do a blue bird or a blue butterfly.

Cody and Sarah said...

just thought of another.... rain drops.

Mel said...

rain drops sound so cool.. you could snap them on and off or button the on and have a blue umbrella! Or remember the $5 pajamas I bought for Austin, blue shark! I could send you a picture of it if you'd like to trace it.

Laurie said...

The umbrella sounds doable...I wonder if there was sparkly blue vinyl?

Patty Cake said...

Do you remember the whale in the old quiet books? They had a zipper mouth and a Jonah that went inside. You could adapt it a little, but use a zipper.