Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 year end stash report

I'm running behind since I spent the week at the hospital with my son. Reports and pitiful few Christmas came in a later blog.
This is my 2010 year end stash report.
My daughter-in-law and I made 4 pillow cases from my stash; 1.25 @= 5 yards. I made 4 zipper pouches for gifts; that used a whole 1/2 yard of fabric! (Similar to these - one forgot to hop into the box that was mailed so I still have to deliver it to Colorado-that brings my total zipper pouches to 25; I think.) I made no fabric purchases. We gathered 24 yards that could be donated to other quilters; YES! (In the past if I found a great deal on fabric for a back I purchased 6-9 yards and after using it for a back I can easily let go of the rest. The below fabric was purchased for .50 a yard and works for a back but I haven't found a use for the yards I had left over. Hopefully the quilter it went to will be able to use it.)
used, changed: 177.5 yards
purchased, same: 191 yards
donated, changed: 108 yards

I reviewed stash reports for the year and I did not use as much as I purchased but I ran into such good deals at garage sales and auctions this year that my purchased went over my usage by 13.5 yards. IF I deduct the donated fabric though I was successful in decreasing my stash by 94.5 yards! That's a win in my book.

Thanks to Judy for hosting the stash busters again in 2010.

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Lynne in Hawaii said...

You gotta count the donated fabric! It is OUT OF YOUR STASH! Way to go girl!