Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Here are 4 zipper pouches I made in the last 3 weeks. Each one takes at the most 1/2 hour unless you go crazy trying an experiment. like the red one. I ironed on a freezer paper heart and put soft scrub on it. All of the fabrics had the bleach on it the same amount of time. I also did a reverse print that I threw away; where the heart was the bleached area; it looked horrible.
Now for the quiz; Who did I make these for? I had a specific person in mind while I was sewing; although the heart experiments was just me; the bag and the 'redness' of it wasn't. I have no idea what the recipients will use them for (OK, one I do know). This is against the blog tradition; I'm picturing them and then mailing them; therefore building anticipation... 3 people will be getting a surprise package.... but which 3 of my vast audience?

Hey, I used 4 zippers! And I improved my bag making technique.
Down to 74 zippers; again.

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Patty Cake said...

Since you complained that noone had guessed where the bags go I decided to try my hand. Butterfly bag to Mom, Red heart to sister #2, Purple roses to sister #1, and white to keep for self. How close did I come? By the way they are VERY nice and they used up 4 zippers yea!