Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas has come and gone.

Before Christmas Granddad took the boys; Reed, Jeffrey, Andrew, Tyler and James to Brazos Bend State Park. It is a great place to visit. The boys got to pet a baby alligator and climb trees and go to the top of a tower. They were awarded a hiking medal (a dollar coin) for the great job they did hiking.
Here we have our traditional picture on the stairs before opening presents. I know we are smiling but it was torture getting Roger up there before the camera went off. After the pictures were taken we realized that someone nearer the bottom COULD have pushed the button instead of him.
WE had thought we would go canoeing but it was very cold so we put the little ones in the canoe on the pool and the men pulled them back and forth.
After being on the boat for a bit Tyler decided it was time for a swim. He took off his shoes and jumped in; not just once, 3 times! It was COLD. He got a very warm bath soon after.

I'm so grateful for the visit of this family. It was great to see Angela doing so well and the boys being so good. I love seeing my son being a good Dad.

WE have been so blessed to have our children know and love the Savior that I leave the Christmas season with a grateful heart for the life of the Savior that makes it possible for us to be forgiven and eventually be with our families forever.

School starts tomorrow but life won't get back to normal yet. Jeffrey has to finish recovering from his surgery and then I'll get back to my exercise and quilting routine.

Roger and called and Jeffrey wants his Mother to spend the night at the hospital with him tonight so I'll get some stuff together and go.

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