Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Program

We attended our Church's Christmas Social Saturday night. It was so successful I wanted to tell you about it. Dinner was served family style. Each table had a shepherd that went and got our food. Fairly simple food; ham, potatoes, rolls, corn and salad. Each table had a different Nativity on it. Then each table was given a number and we went to 6 different rooms around the building. Each room was simply decorated to reflect who was speaking to us there. We went to one room depicting the hillside and heard a shepherd sing a song about Christmas night. We went to the inn and heard the innkeeper and his wife tell us what happened that night. We had an opportunity to visit with King Herod and another room had the wisemen. The young women of the ward were dressed in white and sang. We even had Mary and Joseph in a room where Mary sang a song that told the story of that night.
Most of the rooms the young children were given a treat...a candy cane from the shepherd, a ring pop from King Herod...etc. It was so reverently done and the children were happy.
After the visiting with the characters we met again in the gym and had dessert.
It was a lovely evening.

(The above nativity usually sits in my dining room; since we don't have a dining room anymore it is in the front room; formal living room..with several other nativities.)

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