Wednesday, December 8, 2010

clutter buster post-poned

Here is a word from my sponsor; Clutter post is postponed until Thursday due to lack of time. The Christmas tree and nativities have taken all my spare minutes. Thursday is a much better day for me generally since Wednesday night I can devote to anything I want to since my whole family is at Scouts.
Andrew took our old Halloween candy and filled the Advent calendar last night.The nativity is one I purchased as a panel and cut, sewed and stuffed. It's perfect for in front of the advent calendar since it won't get broken when it gets knocked over.

Roger went on a mission for our church when he was 19 for 2 years. Since he did not have very many souvenirs of his time there I started buying him a nutcracker each year for Christmas. Since there are only 23 there I quit at some point. (Although if I found a great deal on a great nutcracker (my criteria has toughened over the years I'd get another.) Sunday Jeffrey was fixing the mantel while the Scoutmaster was having a small group scout meeting in the next room. Jeffrey dropped and broke the only blown glass nutcracker we had. Everyone gasped and I said, 'I guess you don't have to figure out where to put that now. The vacuum is upstairs.' I heard one of the scouts say;'that's it? My mom would get upset and ask me why I did that...'Truly I do not get upset over accidents. Now if he'd come in the room swinging a bat maybe I'd get upset...