Thursday, November 11, 2010

Inquiring minds

Inquiring minds want to know why I haven't posted today.
  • A son that needed help with his homework at 4 A. M.
  • Said son needed assignment printed at the local Copy Dr. and delivered to the high school along with 2 pr of shoes and 2 pr of socks
  • Later another trip to the high school to deliver a forgotten, required, water bottle.
  • Exercise that was very important to try to get the soreness out from yesterday's exercise regiment.
  • Quilt that was a rush job. I delivered the quilt without taking a finish photo. I'll get it tomorrow at the Court of Honor.
  • And, no, I did not get a nap in.

1 comment:

Baby Boomer Grammy said...

That boy scout quilt is so awesome! what a good idea.