Sunday, October 24, 2010

stash report

It totally slipped my mind that today was stash report Sunday....Of course I do not post every week and I realized that I missed the boat....I have no purchases to report! But then again I have no usage to report either. The 4 bags I made last week used fabric supplied by my friend. If I had to count the fabric she brought over I'd be in real trouble. I probably have enough tablecloths and banners to make 20 bags.
Her boss loved the bags I made and I now have orders to make 3 messenger type bags from more tablecloths. Yes, she brought more tablecloths.
I'm tempted to quilt some of the fabric but I have another Dresden Plate to quilt already in. I sewed the blocks together for a friend, in March. It has 25 blocks and although the quilt is smaller there are more blocks so I think it will take more time to quilt. I'm putting a swirling feather on the posts instead of a wreath; I think it will look great.

donated, same: 71 yards
used, same: 171.5 yards
purchased, same: 191 yards

Judy fell off the band wagon and purchased a bit of fabric this week. Check her out here.

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SpinningStar said...

Interesting bags - I had to go check out the previous post since I was curious about the reference of using tablecloths. Did they like the long or short straps for the bags?