Friday, October 22, 2010

Clinique bags

This week I've made 4 of these bags for a friend that works for Clinique. She gave me a couple of tablecloths and banners that had the logo on it and some plastic trays that she fills with product when they go to 'shows?' (I'm not sure where she will be using them-she just thought it would be easier to carry 30 trays in bags instead of just stacked.)These straps are 47 inches long, the other bags are only 21 inches. This is an experiment to see if she can carry one bag on top of this bag. I'll either be redoing this bag with shorter handles or putting long handles on one of the other bags. To keep from interfering with the logo I sewed the straps to the inside of the bag and did not put any pockets on them so the logo would not look strange.

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