Monday, September 20, 2010

Ocean Waves

I have a problem...not only do I have so many projects started I don't dare count them I only hesitate a tiny bit and then add other peoples unfinished projects to my pile!
I paid very little money for this shoebox full of fabric and ocean wave blocks. I do not know who donated them to our guild and I was strong when they were full price; $15. and even at 25% off and then it went down to 50% off and I was strong! But 75% sucked me in. I caved. I came home with these and an unknown amount of fabric. I have not counted it in my stash report since I've never measured it in any way. Until today. According to my weighing method (see here) that little box of cut up triangles and scraps is 4 yards of fabric.
So I have a few questions to the unknown piecer:
  • Why did you give up on this project?
  • One morning you woke up and you hated blue? I dont' see that happening...
  • Are you sick? Are you dead?
  • What were you thinking when you chose these fabrics?
  • How big will it be if I just use your fabrics?
  • Did you preshrink your fabrics?
  • If you don't answer how can I figure out if they will shrink, since all of my fabric has been preshrunk?
  • Can I mix shrunk and not shrunk fabric?
NOTE TO SELF: start putting quilt plan with quilt parts so someone else will have a starting place.
I really like the blocks so I'll keep them and work on them....later.

If you want to see what others are actually working on go to Judy's blog and check them out.


fancystitching said...

You are strong... I would probably have been sucked in at the 25% off, but for SURE at the 50%. Of course, I love blue, all blues, and this project is going to be beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Kat in LA

Chris said...

Oh heck...I would have been sucked in at the $15! The blocks are going to make a beautiful quilt.

AnnieO said...

Your questions are hilarious! I have mixed washed and unwashed fabrics with no untoward effects, as long as it is good quality fabric. I agree that $15 would have been a bargain--can't imagine 75% off that and getting 4 yards!

Diane said...

yep, I'd have paid full price, love blue, love ocean waves block, no contest.
they're lovely.

Melinda said...

Beautiful blocks. You got quite a bargain. I wouldn't worry about shrinkage as long as it is quality fabric.

Lori said...
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