Sunday, August 15, 2010

Not a Stash report

Typically I do a stash report on Sunday. Nothing to report. No change. Well not very much so I'll do that next week. The computer is giving us fits and I have a lot to do on the computer. Our printer died; so I'll type what I need and e-mail myself and then print it at the library; then make copies at Copy Dr. then colate them and be ready to go by 6 tomorrow...maybe.
Jeffrey has a migraine today. I've typed my letters in the dead computer so have to redo them on the kids...but I'm not sure how theirs work. (The only I've figured out is e-mail and blog, that's why I'm rambling on here.)
School starts in 1 week so we have registration next week; I'm helping register the Juniors then I get to stand in line to register my Sophomore then do the Junior High. Still have back packs and school supplies to figure out besides Quilt Retreat I have to figure out today and tomorrow. Trumpet lesson, exercise, quilting Triangle Madness and a customer or 2.
Seminary starts in 1 week....up at 5:30 for the next 9 months. Oh, Joy!

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Leavitt's said...

our school starts in the morning and I am not excited to say the least