Thursday, June 3, 2010

Water world or schlitterbaum..

Here the boys are at the end of the day. They really had a blast! This was taken after we told them it was time to go.
Here are the boys after we had all put sunscreen on three times. Andrew used a different brand, and wore a shirt all day, he is not burnt. But Lynn's boys are crispy critters. It was a unique experience for them as there is nothing like this in their neck of the woods. (Even though it is in our neck of the woods; we had never been.) We all enjoyed it and found the white water river to be the grown-ups and D's favorite. The big boys liked the big slides, Andrew liked the Fast and Furious slides the best. There was a Boogie Board experience that the 2 big boys refused to try, but the younger 2 tried it with mixed feelings even though they both got dumped.

It was a great day for the cousins!

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Leavitt's said...

I really want to go there! I saw it once on the travel channel.