Saturday, June 5, 2010

free fabric memory

I got an e-mail from sew-mama-sew promoting their sale of free fabric and it triggered 2 memories:
  1. Years ago I had my kids in the car near the airport and half saw a billboard; I saw 2 words,'' . I was ready to go, all excited I asked the kids where that sign had said to go for the free fabric; they were very puzzled since they hadn't seen that sign. The sign they had seen was for a strip joint. We did not go.
  2. About 18 years ago a fabric store in Baytown exchanged hands. The new owners had a BIG sale, to get rid of the 'ugly' fabric the previous owner had purchased, they offered it free as long as you made something with it and brought it back for their fashion show in 2 WEEKS. I remember a beautiful beige outfit a friend made. I think I made a teal velveteen skirt with a vest. I do know I have one gold lame with black velvet embossed stuff on it that was cut out but never finished.

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Mel said...

I believe the sign read "fabric free entertainment" and then listed some gentleman's club. You were excited!