Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Last winter I was at my son's house and I told my daughter-in-law that I didn't have anything to practice a new design on. So we worked a trade; she had a tied quilt that had a stain near the edge that could easily be cut off (the comforter was BIG) but would then need some re-tieing, and rebinding and remaking to get it usable again. So I got this big canvas to experiment on and she gets a slightly smaller comforter back. Her Mother made this for the cold winter nights of Idaho and put a double batt inside. It makes the quilting really show. This design was fun to do
and you can see it adds a rhythm to it that is really fun. That's my sister's hand
and her second son on my roof. Doesn't it look great? (This was taken early in the morning before the roof was hot.)

We got ready to go to the local water park yesterday; we were in the car getting on the freeway when I realized that Lynn was feeling horrible. So we went home, no one cried or screamed or carried on....aren't older children great?
Now our lunches are still made, the car is still packed, and Lynn is feeling better, so we are heading out to 10 minutes on the beach and then the water park at 10....they SHOULD open at 7 AM so you could get your play in before the sun is unbearable. I'd be happier about going, as it is we are slathering sunblock on so we can stay there until late afternoon.

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