Saturday, June 19, 2010

Stash report

It's a good thing I made these pillow cases to compensate for the shopping I did today. All 3 pillowcases were made with backing scraps for the quilt they will hold when they leave my house. Melissa's eye-spy quilt goes in the top case. The patriotic string charity quilt goes into case #2 and Liz's as yet unquilted I-spy quilt goes into case #3. Notice the rick-rack; I hope it's manly enough for the boys. Besides zippers I have rick-rack that NEEDS to be USED!I'm guestimating here but that looks like about 31/4 yards to me. A quick easy way to use up some of that fabric. I've found some other pieces I could use as pillowcases to participate in the 'Million Pillowcase Challenge.' Our local Quilt Shop is collecting and donating pillow cases to MDAnderson, a big cancer fighting hospital in Houston that our son went to.

Here's the charity quilt I finished and showed this week, but you wouldn't want to have to click on a link would you?
Since I got EQ7 for Christmas and my birthday, AND it came last week, I designed the above quilt in it so I could use the yardage amounts that EQ7 came up with; 23.9 yards. (I added the back.)
I know it doesn't look finished to you but someone else is binding it; if she uses my fabric I'll count it in 2 weeks- my part is DONE.
My sister pointed out that I had given her some fabric and had forgotten to count it in my stash report 2 weeks 5 yards out to her. She loved my pink scraps and is busy making pink log cabins; just for fun.

I'm sure you worried about me finding fabric to buy for my 'Triangle Madness.' Rest assured that I did my best and managed to buy 1.25 yards for the first border and today I bought 2 yards that I needed for the last and final border! Unfortunately I also found this pretty red on the remnant added another 1.5 yards!

donated, changed: 71 yards
used, changed: 70.40 yards
purchased, changed: 92 yards

You can see that I need to hustle to get my used to 100 before the purchased gets there. :(
But if you add the donated to the used my total would be 141.40 so
net would be 49.40 yards less fabric on my shelves than this time last year.

Judy has posted a list of others that are trying to use up their stash.


Amy said...

The charity quilt is beautiful and the pillowcases are cute. You have gotten a lot of fabric used/giveway. Good for you!

Jennifer said...

Love the charity quilt - you've inspired me to get going on my EQ7!