Monday, June 21, 2010

design wall

I'm in the dumps, I always get in the dumps when I don't sleep well; I didn't get to sleep until 2:30 this morning.
This is what is on my wall. I know I worked on these before 1994. I had an idea to add a shop that sold Christmas trees at the bottom. My sister helped me with the design while she was here but I have not progressed at all.
These are extra blocks and mistakes I made on my Triangle Madness that I thought I might make into something.... not really clear what though.
Finally I found a fabric for the last border of the Triangle Madness. I have had no time to even get it preshrunk yet though. Today I have a Guild meeting and 2 customer bindings to attach. Tomorrow I hope to deliver them BUT I'm sick and the customer is a patient at MDAnderson and I may not be able to expose her to my ailment...same as always; sore throat and cough.


Debbie said...

Both are looking so beautiful.
Love the colours and the trees pattern.


Baby Boomer Grammy said...

Thanks for your compliment on Aiden's quilt. It makes me feel so good to get a compliment from such a pro. I loved looking at the Christmas trees in this post -- I felt a few degrees cooler (really!). I'm, as usual, in awe of all the quilts you post. (you were smart to get a dishwasher tax free, even though it was a lot of trouble)

Laurie said...

Unfortunately the tax-free dishwasher was #1. #2,3,&4 were not tax free.

Vicki said...

I really like the trees too. The repetitive motif is really dramatic. Triangles can lead me to madness.