Thursday, June 10, 2010

New dishwasher

Two weekends ago there was a sales tax free sale on energy efficient appliances. We bought a new dishwasher; it has sat in the breakfast room for a week but was getting installed last night.
The old one did not want to come out. Roger said, 'I've been dreading this for 15 years.' (We have lived here 13.) Evidently the floor was tiled with the dishwasher in place..... With MY help we managed to get it out.

Remember dishwashers? Easy to install? Brian did it about 3 times when we lived in a house that needed a new floor. Brian was 12 or 13.

This one won't install, it is 1/4 inch too tall. I measured and knew it was 1/4" to tall but our tile floor is 1/4" and it ends just under the dishwasher so I thought it would work.

We COULD get it to work; replace the tile floor that runs through the kitchen breakfast room and into the family room AND/OR get new counter tops which would also involve replacing the backsplash...

We may never get a new dishwasher. But today I have no water OR dishwasher in the kitchen while I go shopping for a different one. My criteria is different now. SIZE is probably the only factor I'll be looking at. Forget color. Forget price.

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