Saturday, June 12, 2010

dishwasher saga continues

Simple...really replace a dishwasher.

The first one had to be returned; it was 1/4 inch to big for the pathfinder. The trailer was loaded down with canoes; 3 of which weren't ours. Find the hitch. Call the 3 canoe owners, no one is home. Return them anyway and break into their backyards; luckily no one had a big dog, or a small one. By the time the trailer was empty it was too late to return the dishwasher.

We have now purchased 3 different dishwashers. None of the 3 will fit in the hole. The last, and most expensive, is about exactly 1/16th too tall. Shimming the cabinet up until it is in and drops down onto the untiled portion of the floor will probably break the poorly installed tile floors, trimming the countertop.... is possible but difficult to do well.

Roger is actually contemplating replacing the terrible, horrible, awful cabinets we have lived with for 13 YEARS! Plastic drawers, really, I didn't even know such things existed until we moved in here. Several have broken and been epoxied and made to work. But if you replace the cabinets the floors will need to be redone........It just snowballs.


Angela said...

I'm amazed he's contemplating cabinets! It is a small floor and wouldn't be too bad to replace.

Angela said...

"It's always the dishwasher" Reed says.

I had never heard of plastic drawers before...and didn't believe it until I saw it.