Thursday, June 10, 2010


i could make up words to go with scuba... scary, cold, panic, oops that's not in there....well actually I can't make up words that go with it to tell you much about my experience. Quiet..there's not any way to talk to each other. A few hand signals; I made sure I knew the sign for 'I'm in trouble' before I went down. 'I'm out of air' is an important one too. WE got to practice what to do when/if you run out of air. Put our mask off and back on under water and going up slooooowly.
One of the things I hadn't realized is how non-fashionable it is. Since we didn't go get a wet suit for me I wore some polypropylene long underwear under my swimsuit. Yes, you read that right, and sorry no pictures were allowed (all the women agreed that we had looked better and were glad EVERYONE forgot their cameras.) Then for the second dive I wore a polar fleece jacket under Roger's waterproof canoeing jacket. It was still cold down 20 feet but luckily there were no fashion police. (Jeffrey in a wet-suit was still cold.) Next time I will go rent a wet-suit. I'm not interested in going much lower than 20 feet. It would be a bit eerie...
Now if the water was pretty I might be tempted. So tell me, where should we go scuba diving?

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